It is a Frequency Generator based on the frequencies listed by Dr. Hulda Clark for various diseases in the human body. It is available with steel electrodes and wired wrist straps.



PME Frequency Generator generates any frequency from 1 Hz to 999.999 kHz and contains pre-installed list of frequencies based on the study done by Dr. Hulda Clark for around 700 diseases.  


It is now available in latest version 20.6.4 which has more pre-installed diseases and a battery indicator. It also includes frequencies for Nine Planets and balancing the Seven Chakras of the human body.


It is a professionally engineered and manufactured product offered at a very attractive price. One year warranty and full life service support is provided for our customers.

  • Generates any frequency from 1 Hz to 999.999 kHz
  • 5V peak to peak square wave output
  • Around 700 pre-installed diseases
  • Comes with a Favorite mode to store frequently used diseases
  • In-built Charging and Battery indicator

Accessories provided with the product:

  • Adaptor charger 110-230V with an output of 12V
  • Three AAA rechargeable cells included in the Battery compartment
  • A pair of metal rods with connecting wires
  • A pair of wrist straps
  • Storage case
  • User Manual