PME 510 Impedance Matching Tuner provides fast tuning and fine tune resolution with automatic as well as manual manual modes. It is designed to operate at 13.56 MHz and up to 600 W RF power.



PME 510 Impedance Matching Tuner provides fast tuning and fine tune resolution at 13.56 MHz and operates up to 600 W RF power.


It adjusts the input impedance to 50 Ohm quickly in response to the change in load characteristics. 


It also provides five positions for inductive tap for different load ranges.


The PME 510 Impedance Matching Network can be used with PME 751 RF Generator for applications in plasma based thin film manufacturing, sputtering and other plasma enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition applications viz. plasma etching.

  • RF Power: 600 W
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Load Impedance: 0 to 50 Ohm Resistive part and (-j470) to +j10 Ohm Reactive part
  • Automatic mode and manual modes for local and remote manual control of tuning capacitors
  • Five positions for Inductive tap for different ranges of load
  • Cooling: Forced air cooling
  • RF input connector: 50 Ohm N-type Female
  • RF output connector: High Voltage screw type terminal
  • Interface with RF Generator: 15 Pin D-Connector
  • Supply voltage input: 230 VAC, 50 Hz