PME V2L for BYD cars Procharge

PME V2L for BYD cars Procharge

8,000.00 Incl. GST

5 meter cable, IP55 Waterproof, compatible only with BYD electric cars, Upto 2.5kW load, 1 year warranty

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Turn your BYD electric car into a Mobile Power Source for home appliances with PME V2L Adapter. Devices such as mobile phones, laptops, kettles, induction stoves, light lamps, speakers, etc can be charged with the V2L using your BYD EV’s Power. Simply plug the V2L into your BYD Type-2 charge port and select the discharge option on your car’s infotainment system display! Use external electric extension to get more plugs!

  • Portable Power Anywhere: Harness the potential of your BYD EV with V2L Adapters (Vehicle to Load). Convert your BYD into a portable power source, providing electricity for home appliances wherever you go.
  • V2L Technology: Experience the innovation of BYD V2L technology wherein you can utilize your BYD’s energy to power a variety of devices directly from your BYD electric car.
  • Emergency Backup Power: Be prepared for unexpected power outages or emergencies. BYD V2L Adapter ensures that you stay connected and powered up during unforeseen circumstances.
  • Convenient and Versatile: Whether camping, tailgating, or at home, the BYD V2L Adapters offer unmatched convenience. Easily connect to your BYD EV and power up devices like laptops, lights, or even small household appliances.