Electric Vehicle Charging

Three phase vs. Single phase EV charging: How to choose?

Home charging at night is usually done using single-phase charging stations. This is because single-phase charging is enough for overnight charging. Public charging stations, specifically the ones designed for fast-charging often use three-phase charging to provide more power and make the charging process faster.

Electric car getting charged at home where the electric car as well as the electric charger in sketched in blue

TATA Nexon Charger: Which Electric Charger to select 3.3/7.4/11/22 kW?

Electric vehicles are gaining significant popularity in India with the introduction of electric cars like Tata Nexon, Mahindra XUV EV, BYD E6 and more. With the increasing sales of electric cars now in India, choosing the right electric charger for charging your car at home is becoming a very important topic.